VAE VICTIS Australia



VAE VICTIS are a brutal, rocking Australian crust band. Totally crazed female vocals over wailing guitars and pummelling D-Beats. Inspired by those bands who trace their musical lineage to Stoke on Trent!!!


VAE VICTIS are a brutal rocking crust punk band from Sydney who take inspiration from those bands who can trace their musical lineage to Stoke on Trent. The sound mixes totally crazed female vocals from Cathy who sounds as though she has three different people living in her head, with wailing guitars and pummeling d-beats. Heavy driving music with lyrics born of life in Australia, a country as corrupt as any but with a history filled with rebellious convicts, Aboriginal resistance fighters and cop-killing bushrangers. We've spent the last couple of years screaming and yelling our way up and down the east coast playing with both local Australian bands such as Pisschrist, Crux, SSK and Schifosi as well as most of the touring international punk/crust bands when they come through Sydney. We recorded our first 7” - 'Pro Patria Mori' in 2006 for Endless Blockades/Spin Control and in the same year had songs a Lake Cowal benefit compilation and a St Petersburg comp in support of their local Antifa. This year we've recorded and self-released our second EP – 'A World In Flames' to coincide with the upcoming European tour.


Release date Release name Media
0 "A World In Flames" EP
0 "Pro Patria Mori" EP


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