This band is extremely sick...simply uncompromising hyper blast from beginning till the end!!! Sick, fast, heavy shit!!! They are working ow on 2nd full lenght cd (full of hyper blast grind of course) that is planned to be released in 2007 by Molesting records!!!


Hybrid Viscery is a brutal death grind band which comes from the region of Charleroi in Belgium. The band contains 5 members: Vincent : Guitar Guillaume : Bass Anthony : Drums Karl : Vocals Thom : Vocals The story of Hybrid Viscery has begun about 2001. Vincent played in Mystica but that didn't suit him anymore whereas Anthony played and still plays in Mucus. Karl had just left also Mystica and decided to begin a new project. He turned to his best friends to begin this new band which would have death and grind influences and would be called Hybrid Viscery. Jeremy, from the band Emptiness, joined the band after having seen it in concert. He took some parts of the vocals, what brought a new dimension in the music of Hybrid Viscery. He plays always in Emptiness and plays now in Enthroned. Now Jeremy has left the band, Thom has joined Hybrid Viscery as second growl voice and Guillaume as new bassist. Hybrid Viscery is not a band which searches for technics. Great riffs, great blast beast and an omnipresent china, everything is there for the chaos to be total. Hybrid Viscery has released 2 demos “Bloody Face” and “Army of Pussy Land” on the Russian label Coyote Records, 1 split cd “Selfless Spite” with the Italian band Psychofagist on the Japanese label Amputated Vein Records and 1 full length album “Grindcore Contaminations” on Coyote Records. The band has just recorded new songs for a new split cd with the American band Sluts which will release very soon. Hybrid Viscery has done many concerts and has already played with bands like Reinfection, Agathocles, Inhumate, Cliteater, Organ Harvest, Recueil Morbide, Serial Butcher, Kadath, Mucus, Permanent Death, Bloody Sign, Nemesis Irae, Unformed, Disphoria, Squash Bowels, Ingrowing, Cerebral Turbulency, Punished Earth and many, many more.


Release date Release name Media
2006 "The History Of Torture, Execution & Sickness! CD
2006 "Grindcore Contaminations" CD
2003 Split CD with PSYCHOFAGIST


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