Really mega brutal work arrived from Slovakia, absolutely devastating stuff with deadly deep growls and technical skill of band's members!!! Excellent uargh for fans of brutal death metal!!!


Morbidium come together in June 2003 as a two-member band, with constituent members Carcass (guitars) and Gosh (vokills). During the summer they begun to write first songs and Gosh started masturbating bass strings. The drum position was still disengaged. Till the end of year Morbidium has tried several drummers, unfortunately none of them had met our needs and so the band stayed incomplete. In December 2003 we decided to use drum machine instead of live drummer. All songs were re-written and in the beginning of 2004 we recorded our first demo CD in Carcass's flat. We played our first gig on 20th March 2004 in Dolný Kubín. Till the end of the year 2004 we played another three gigs. In 2005 we continued playing gigs over Slovakia and for the first time we have killed the strings abroad on Minifest Puma in Krnov (CZ). At the end of year 2005 we decided to rid off the drum machine. Soon, in late December 2005, Xapor, our friend and drummer from the band Distrophy joined us and the original face of Morbidium had transformed into more brutal and sick way. We have played two fucking sick gigs, but due to work, Xapor had gone abroad. From the summer 2005 the band is stagnating. In late august Morbidium found absolute back-up called Psycho (drummer in Diftery) and start to prepare material for new record. In September 2006 Morbidium hit Typhoid Sound Laboratory and recorded EP “Fraility In Human Endurance”. In the beginning of year 2007 we began to play gigs again and we are preparing material for full-length CD…


Release date Release name Media
2006 http://www.myspace.com/morbidium EP
2004 "Decayer Remains Taken From Butcher's Morgue" DEMO


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