New slamming insanity from Austria, you can hear some influences from DYING FETUS but they do still their own sound and music!!! It's really brutally technical including slamming parts!!! Right now they released split CD with GUT and they're working on debut album that will be released by Morbid records in fall 2007 so check it out if you're into brutal death metal!!!


Distorted Impalement was founded in March 2003 on an underground gig in Graz/Austria. One happy day Andi (voc.) and Andichrist (guitar) met at a concert and decided to give birth to the brutal death metal band DISTORTED IMPALEMENT. To complete the line-up, Alkbert was recruited for bass duties. As drummer we tried out Flo, who was a real hyperblast machine, but the long distance between him and the rest of the band made it impossible to rehears. So DISTORTED IMPALEMENT had to take a break to find a solution for the drummer problem. In the meantime Andichrist and Peter formed another band called TRICHOMONIASIS, but they were not satisfied with the bassguitarist and the band split up. A few weeks later Albert contacted Andichrist again and Peter decided to join DISTORTED IMPALEMENT. The line-up finally was complete. In January Andichrist and Peter recorded the Promo-Cd “Amok”. In May 2005 Albert and Andi left the band and DI decided to make a musical break and to wait for a deal. In 2006 Harald Klary completed the line-up and we did some shows. Later we signed a deal with Morbid Records and in Mai 2007 we released a split Cd with GUT from Germany Our first Album will be released in late 2007, expect more live performances (Obscene Extreme, Nrw-Deathfest, Kaltenbach..) and a brutal slamming piece death metal.


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