MUCOPUS United States



Under this name you can find reallly brutal and bloody work!!! Simply the music where Ami guys are the best - slamming deathmetal with guttural vokills, really catchy DM for mosh mania!!! After debut "Mulch?!?" for Japanese record company Amputated Vein records they singed contract with Czech label Nice To Eat You records and on OEF they will do big release party for their upcoming 2nd attack and also they'll start their second Euro tour!!!


An introduction for this legendary outfit is completely unnecessary. If you are one of the few individuals who haven’t already witnessed the ultra brutal display of sadistic mosh mania that is unleashed upon the crowd at their shows, you have for sure heard all the hype. Leaving the audience breathless with an uncanny battery of subsonic blasts and disgusting guttural grunts and screams, their show becomes an addiction that you will crave to witness over and over again. With a new killer lineup the band is progressing into a deadly creature that will devour everything in its path. CAN YOU HANDLE THE SHEER BRUTALITY OF PURE, UNADULTERATED HYPER-SLUDGE THAT IS MUCOPUS?


Release date Release name Media
0 "Mulch?!?" CD


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