No speed, no punk. Tak tahle „kultovní“ éra je snad již dávno zapomenuta a legendární d-beat/crust švédská kapela SKITSYSTEM se nám předvede v nové sestavě, s druhou kytarou v podání Andrease Axelssona z Disfear či Tormented a již bez Mikaela Kjellmana, který se nyní soustředí pouze na Martyrdöd. Totální peklo jak tomu bylo dobrým zvykem na jejich dvou live setech, které jsme měli na Obscene Extreme Festivalu možnost vidět a slyšet. Doufejme, i v nějakou čerstvou várku nových songů, protože od jejich zatím poslední výborné desky „Stigmata“, utekla spousta času (2006).


A roar from the underground took place in Gothenburg late 1993, early 1994, when three friends decided to start a new band. Under the name SYSTEM COLLAPSE, later on to be SKITSYSTEM, fellow bandmembers Adrian Erlandsson and Tomas Lindberg of Death metal fames AT THE GATES contacted Fredrik Wallenberg who just moved to Gothenburg to create some swedish d-beat. Alexander Höglind was recuited on bass and the rehearsals began…

As one of the pioneers of the second wave of Swedish d-beat, alongside bands like Wolfpack and Disfear, SKITSYSTEM took shape and in 1995 their first slab of plastic was unleashed upon the world, PROFITHYSTERI 7”, released on Distrotion records. The success was immense. More records followed. In 1997 Adrian quit the band and Kalle Pettersson frond beat band DISPENSE joined forces. A US tour in 1998 was followed by two full length albums over the span of three years. The band did not play live that much but a bunch of festivals was done along the way as well as tours with WOLFPACK and EXTINCTION OF MANKIND. 

2003 Tomas Lindberg got out of the band to put more effort into DISFEAR after joining them on vocals. Another new member joined, Mikael Kjellman of MARTYRDÖD, on guitar and vocals. The band got on yet another US tour in 2004, a tour which was a real success. The band also started to create tunes for an upcoming follow up to the  2001 ENKEL RESA TILL RÄNNSTENEN album. The rocordings took place, yet again, at studio Fredman in 2006, the album was named STIGMATA and showed the badn in a new way, both lyrically and musically, a step that felt natural after loosing original memeber and songwriter Tomas. The response of STIGMATA was overwhelming, to say the least. 

After the release SKITSYSTEM played alot of shows and did some small tours as well. The personal problems within the band also grew and finally, after a tour in Norway where bassplayer Alexander was not participating, after a chaotic performance in Poland*, the band  went on a hiatus to try to gather new strength…. 

The hiatus lasted for 3 years. Reformed as a three piece Kalle, Mikael and Fredrik started to play sedlected shows. Some shows they were joined on bass by old time friend Martin Larsson (At the gates, Agrimonia) on bass and performed as a 4 piece band. The times of chaos sarted growing on the band relations again and in 2015 the played at Bloodshed fest in Eindhoven, which ended up in beeing the last show for years, again. The members participated in different new bands instead and SKITSYSTEM fell asleep. 

In 2018 a local booker contacted the band. Would they be intrested in opening for american speed punks ZEKE in Gothenburg, just as a one-off? Well, lets do it. In a sold out venue in Gothenburg SKITSYSTEM played again in front of 750 people. It felt great. It was the first time without long running memeber Mikael Kjellman, and not long after the parting of Mikael came with him focusing on MARTYRDÖD. With Martin now on bass Fredrik recruited Andreas Axelsson (Disfear, Tormented and tons more) on second guitar for the task. The line-up felt stronger than in a very long time. 

2019/ 2020 a few selected shows tokk/ will take place. The response has been overwhelming and in 2020 we will return to the USA, we will return to Obscenen Extreme Festival along other shows. 

Up the punx! *No speed, no punk!


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2006 Stigmata CD, LP
2006 split 7" with Cyness
2003 Allt E Skit
2002 Det tunga missbrukets karga ingenmansland/Det eviga hatet 7" (split with Nasum)
2001 Enkel Resa Till Rännstenen CD, LP
1999 Grå Värld / Svarta Tankar CD, LP
1997 Levande Lik 7" (split with Wolfpack)
1996 Ondskans Ansikte 10"
1995 Profithysteri 7"


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