NARCOSIS United Kingdom



Technická grindcore jatka...nasraný, rychlý a drtivý!!! Prostě moderní grindcore zuřivost!!!


Narcosis are 5 dickheads from all over the show in the North West. We have been around longer than you have (except Sned). We are faster than any other shit so get fucked if you disagree. It is a fact, if you disagree with that you are a dickhead. John boy died recently which was hillarious, as everyone got sucked right into it and had a good old cry, to which we laughed long and hard. Small things.....Peet moved to Sweden to get Married which was good but we miss the bugger. Last few years have brought tours with PIG DESTROYER, PALE HORSE, BRUTAL TRUTH, MISTRESS, in some order or other, splits with MELT BANANA, FUCK THE FACTS, SWARRRM, MOROSE and ccd/lp called Romance. More to come....


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