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CLIEATER není tak stará a zasloužžilá kapela, ale užž si během své krátké "kariéry" nadělali po celém světě nejednoho fanoušška...všše odstartovalo relativně nedávno v roce 2002 a od prvních tónu bylo jasné, žže o fanouššky death/grindu bude u této kapely parádně postaráno!!! Od začátku velice aktivní band má za sebou jižž dvě desky s velice vymluvnými názvy : "Clit ´Em All" a "Eat Clit Or Die!", aktuálně vydali split s dalšší holandskou bruskou SUPPOSITORY a právě teď připravují zcela novou dlouhohrající fošnu, která by měla vyjít někdy začátkem př횹tího roku a jistě nejeden fanouššek klitorisu bude mít o dalšší oblíbené nahrávce jasno. V podobě CLITEATER jde o dalšší návrat na našše pódia kde jste je měli možžnost zachytit užž v roce 2004...pokud tomu tak nebylo příštší rok budete mít dalšší možžnost...garantujeme brutální show!!!


January 2002, Ivan and Vedran (at that time 2 members of the brutal death/grind band Grobar) decided to start a new band to fill up their spare time and for the love of brutal musick. With no significant direction in mind they started to rehearse and little by little the pieces started to fit. Vedran (bass) and Ivan (guitar) didn't have a drummer or a singer at that time. Ivan started programming the drums and the musick twisted into form. In the vein of Brutality Reigns Supreme, Mortician and Gut songs were unleashed upon this earth. It was sure they needed a singer and they gave a tape of their rehearsal material to Joost (Inhume). Joost became very interested in their stuff and in February/March he joined the band. As a 3-pack they recorded a demo in April with 11 crushing songs of their onw plus 2 covers by Gut. One song by Gut was released on the Gut-Tribute cd by American Line Products (November 2003). In June 2002 they found a drummer, Maurice from Fleshbrigade (r.i.p.), so they finally could prove themselves live! The gigs were a big succes for the band and a lot of people became interested in Cliteater. Cliteater shared stages with bands like: Cock and Ball Torture, Last Days Of Humanity, Aborted, Blockheads, Agathocles, Rompeprop and a lot more! They also toured with cult grinders "Dead Infection" and "Cerebral Turbulency"!! Marking a place on the map of extreme musick, so nobody could ignore the Cliteater grinders anymore. The Cliteater unholy grind pack brought out their first cd in September 2003, which is called "Clit 'em All". Clit 'em All was recorded in May 2003 with Erwin "Let's get Mangled" Hermsen and released by Dismemberment Records in corporation with Bleedin' Hemorroid Records. Of this cd 250 copies were sold in a week. Unfortunately these labels could not affort pressing more so Cliteater decided to move on and search for a label which was interested in re-releasing the cd. That resulted in a deal with Restrain Records. Restrain Records reissued Clit "em All in April 2004 to be distributed by Cudgel Agency from Germany. Cliteater played at the Fuck The Commerce Festival and the Obscene Extreme Festival in 2004. After this Cliteater went to the studio again in September/October 2004, to record their second album "Eat Clit Or Die". This again with Erwin Hermsen. The Eat Clit Or Die album was released on Restrain Records at the end of March 2005 and became a huge succes. Further on, the Cliteater guys have been busy recruiting a new member to the Clit Clan. They found their fifth member in Alex (or Analex), during the summer of 2004. Cliteater has found the perfect "man" in Analex as their 2nd guitarplayer to give the musick live more power. Then in April and October 2005 Cliteater recorded 8 brutal new songs for the split cd with Suppository. Their side is called "Reign In Thongs". No Escape records released the split album in 2006 and it became a huge succes for both participating bands. During the summer of 2006 Cliteater did a small tour with colleague grinders Rompeprop through Canada and America. One of the highlights was playing at the Maryland Death Fest. This resulted in getting more attention in the grind scene. Cliteater's name was definately set! By now, Cliteater is working hard on new songs for their 3rd full length album called "Scream Bloody Clit". This album will be recorded before the summer of 2007. Be prepared to get 16 new Cliteater songs "hard" into your face! The artwork will be done again by Luisma from Haemorrhage! Don't forget to see Cliteater live in 2007, when they're fuckin' up Europe playing fests like: Death Fest Open Air, Obscene Extreme, Blast On Bury, Party-san Fest and Mountains Of Death Fest! So stay tuned.......


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2006 split with SUPPOSITORY
2005 „Eat Clit Or Die“
2003 „Clit ´Em All“


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