A blasting, sax-splattered avantgrind juggernaut is ready to distort the standard flow of your thinking! Back to OEF after 6 years, many things have changed for these four noisy freaks, freshly out with their second full-lenght “Il Secondo Tragico”: an unstable jumble of arrhythmic swings and hysteric bursts. The “International Psychic Observer” wrote about .Psychofagist.: "It's as if Total Fucking Destruction is doing a collaboration with Fantômas and a jazz orchestra standing on the side of it"!!!


The band was born in Novara (Italy) in 1999 when the founding members Stefano (guitars and vocals) and Marcello (bass and vocals), approached the extreme scene. Three years after (2002) they recorded the first demo with a session drummer: a 3 track promotional-cd which helped them to spread their music all over the Italian and European underground scene. Between 2002 and 2003 a new way of composition started: brand-new songs were created. Masakatsu, from the Japanese Amputated Vein Records, was proud to produce a .psychofagist. work: on april 2003 the "Selfless Spite" split cd with Belgian disturbed Hybrid Viscery was released. This platter was supported by the most important underground distros: it sounds like a match between violent-schizoid and breathless brutal-death metal versus the sickest and most amazing grindcore.

At the end of summer 2003, the drummer Fiamma joined Ste and Cello: new compositions sounds much more post-core and schizoid-grind oriented, and the complete line-up allowed them to tread the stages once again. After several months .psychofagist. decided to sign a deal with the brand-new italian label Subordinate Productions & Distribution. On July 2004, the three maniacs played live in Obscene Extreme Fest (Trutnov, Czech Republic) and in 10 days recorded the first full-length album “S/T” in Starstruck Studios (Copenhagen) with Anders Lundemark (Konkhra) as producer. .psychofagist. re-enforce their status as Italian maniacs of all that is methodically schizophrenic with their first full-length release. Their chaotic vision is more focused and unstable. This time they got in touch with a more devastating “technical-avant-grind” approach.

After 3 years spent in the rehearsal room they released “A Bullet Sound The Same (In Every Language)” split cd with their companions in brain explosions oVo and Inferno produced by the Italian labels DonnaBavosa/Shove Recs/Bar La Muerte. Critics says about this release “Here’s the widest range of schizophrenia effects proclaimed by the most renowned Italian mental health institutes”. In 2007 Fiamma leave the band due to personal reason. It was the time for another big line-up change in the .psychofagist. shizo-ranks. Federico aka “El Ducaconte” joined the band in one of the most important moment in the .psychofagist. band history. The new material grows even more twisted than the past and just a year after they were ready to record some new material for another split cd release with ThousandsWillDie produced by Nothing Positive Records (Uk). It is “Raiz Diabolica”. Critics says about this release "It's as if Total Fucking Destruction is doing a collaboration with Fantômas and a jazz orchestra standing on the side of it". In early 2008 the last big line-up changing. Luca T Mai, ZU baritone saxophonist (Ipecac Recording), joined the band. It was the perfect addiction to satisfy the new .psychofagist. approach to their music.

The band entered the studio again to recording a furios locusts attack. “The Optician” EP released in early 2009 by The Spew Recs is the first step of the new .psychofagist. era. After four ep's the psyc[ho]rde's ready to launch its second fullscream: "Il Secondo Tragico" again through the Italian label Subordinate. The involved sound degenerated in rather untested re-structured anti-music no-grind. You'll be dragged in the age of fertility tribal rituals, where the arts didn't know rules or staffs. Sub-homosapiens violence devoted to impregnate your mind with noise-genes.


Release date Release name Media
2009 • Il Secondo Tragico
2008 The Optician
2008 • Raiz Epileptica EP


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