Not many bands split opinion in such extreme ways as the UK's Death/Grinders AMPUTATED.............you either love them or completely despise them! Formed in 2002, the primary aim was to become the sickest and most brutal band to hit the then stagnant UK metal scene. Influenced by bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Nunslaughter, Carcass, Lividity, Devourment, Disgorge et al the bands vicious live assault and rebellious nature has made sure that people suitably take notice whether in enjoyment or in disgust!


Amputated's Debut CD 'Up To Our Nuts In Guts' was released in late 2002 to coincide with the bands first major support slot - supporting Necrophagia and Exmortem. This quickly led to a re-release on the IBD Records label as a split with Belgium's Leptotrichia and the bands first tour with Disgorge (Mex), Sanitorium and Gorerotted. Word was quickly spreading about the aggressive and unrelenting nature of the live shows and a suitably impressed Ollie Jones (of Desecration fame) joined as a second guitarist along with Andi Morris (now also of Desecration) as bassist. In 2004 the band made their first foray abroad to play the Obscene Extreme Festival with General Surgery, Blood, Brodequin, Rompeprop and Natron. A further UK jaunt with Incantation preceded preparation for the bands first full length album and continued to hone the bands live skills and infamous reputation.

In early 2005, the band entered Endless Studios in Birmingham, UK to record their debut album 'Gargling with Infected Semen'. As well as showcasing new material, the band chose to re-record 2 tracks from the 'demo' as well as a cover of 'Immersed in Pain' by Jungle Rot. After initial issues regarding release of the CD were sorted it was eventually released by SEVARED Records based in the US. The album was well received and led to more live shows and a date (the first of 3 so far) at the annual London Deathfest supporting Gorerotted, Prostitute Disfigurement and Avulsed. The bands increasing live reputation was enhanced further by the release of the 'Live Amputation' DVD showcasing the London Deathfest (which happened to also be Andi's last show with the band - being replaced by Andy Byles) and a UK jaunt with Deranged and Skinned (US).

2006 was to be the year that saw the band fully realise their potential with a full 2 week tour of mainland Europe with ENT, Desecration and Cold Lazarus. This tour took in Germany, Holland, and Switzerland pushing the live onslaught ever further and gaining the band a foothold in European metal circles. The tour also took in the Fuck the Commerce Festival in Germany where the band played alongside Driller Killer, Hate Eternal and Fleshgore culminating in an all day festival at the Garage in London supporting Hate Eternal, ENT and Spawn of Possession. On return to the UK the band were approached by BBC TV and Endemol Productions to take part in the pilot episode of a new reality TV programme called 'Singing with the Enemy' where the band had to live and write a song with an all girl Pop Group. In typical Amputated fashion the programme was a complete success or an abject failure (depending on your viewpoint) however for the band it was a complete success. This gave the band exposure across the globe during 2007 and gave the band a whole new fan base in countries far and wide including Australia.

2007 was to be a comparatively quiet year with only an appearance at the 8th London Deathfest as a real highlight however writing was well under way on new songs for the follow up to 'Gargling......' and recording started during December 2008 at Studio 6 in Wootton Bassett, UK finishing in February 2009 with a release date of November 2009. Again released by SEVARED the album showcases more influence from bands such as Waking the Cadaver and Devourment along with more focused brutality. The band are now busy at work securing new tour dates for 2009/10 and have already started with a mighty performance at the London Deathfest 10 supporting Immolation and confirmation of playing Deathfeast Open Air along with Suffocation and Dying Fetus. www.sevared.com

Line up :

Bodybag Daryl :- Beaver Cleaver

Ollie :- Guitaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Morbid Mark :- Sexist,Hypocritical Biggot

Andy Bile :- Wife Beating Bitch Slaps

Garry :- Coffin Hammers


Release date Release name Media
2009 "Wading Through Rancid Offal" Full-length
2009 Promo 09 DEMO
2006 "Gargling With Infected Semen" Full-length


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