Powerfull crushing Grind Crust from Germany!!! Old school stop and goooooo!!! We could enjoy their knock-me-down show back in 2001 and 2004 and we will salute them with pleasure also in 2010!!! Argh!!!


Mindflair was founded in May of 1994. At the beginning we had two guitarists, and the first songs we wrote were in the style of fast Death-Metal. Within the time the style changed more and more to the actual style of Mindflair. Its hard to describe the style of our music, because you will find so many different parts like Crust, Grind, Groove or Power Violence in the songs. After half a year our guitarist Peter left the band and was replaced by Andreas. Not long after this our bassist Wuddy left the band cause of personal differences between him and Arthur, the drummer. In August of 1995 we had our first gig in Kaiserslautern, where we live. In 1996, there were some more gigs in the area, before we had the first gigs in foreign countries like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Netherland, and last but not least France. In November 1996 we released our first demo, the sound wasnt so good but nobody should expect a perfect sound of a new band. Half a year later the Demo 97 was released. In January of 1998 we recorded our last demotape The multi-orgasmic-man(Anti-sexist-demo!) all by ourselves in the middle of the night at the Osaka-Inn (our practiceroom). In the middle of 1998 Napalmed Rec. from the Czech Republic released a split-tape with FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES (Grind, CZ), at almost the same time a live-splittape with UTOPIE (Goregrind, GER) was released. In May 1998 we recorded the stuff for the split-CD with BELCHING BEET (Old-school-Grind, GER), out on Deliria Prod., at the practiceroom of our friends from MASSICK. In May of 1999, Bones-Brigade released the split-mCD with RUNNING GUTS (Noise, FRA). After 4 years without a bassist we got our old bassist Wuddy back. End of July 2000 PW-Prod. released the split-10" with SUPPOSITORY (Grind, NL). Our first full-length album "green bakery" came out in nov...02 through Bones Brigade. The second full-length is the Stagnation Cd which came out in june 2005 also through Bones Brigade. After the recordingsession our bassist Wuddy left the band.Directly after we were happy to find a new bassist which learned the songs in 6 weeks and went on Tour with us.His name is Chris and with him our new boyband-line up is ready. The newest release is the split mcd/7" with Sanitys Dawn which came out in september 2008 through Power-It-Up. Thanx to Nicolas + Bones Brigade,Tom + Power-It-Up and all you guys who keep MINDFLAIR and the underground alive!!!


Release date Release name Media
2008 Split mcd/7” w/Sanitys Dawn
2005 Stagnation
2002 Green Bakery CD, LP


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