OEF: You are preparing a new album called "Regret. Repeat." What can you tell us about the new songs? Are you writing all the lyrics in german like previous albums?

Stephan: We are very happy with this recording actually. Contains 11 songs clocking in and out for about 23 minutes total running time. We love short grind albums! Think assück/ discordance axis! Currently we are working on the cover art and mastering. A lot of details though! Lyrics are sung in english on this album for the onliest reason of nothing else than universal understanding.

OEF: I was always curious about Wojczech lyrics. Which are the main themes of the lyrics for the new album?

Stephan: Lyrics on regret.repeat summarize the collapse of the individual in modern mans life on all stages. Not just general misanthrophy and/ or pessimism. Its a lot of irony reflecting things

To go with it. Irony. Not sarcasm.

Wojczech speed & grind worship

OEF: I think this question is always present in the interviews, but can you explain us the origin of your band name?

Stephan: The origin is easy. Its the first name of an 80ies polish dictator. Eastern block iron wall times we grew up in.

OEF: Wojczech music evolved notoriously over the time. You have your own sound without compromising speed. Which are your main influences?

Stephan: All of us are die hard sound freaks. We manage to stimulate ourselves again and again, everyone plays in 2 or 3 more bands, very different styles and influences. Wojczech draws its main influence from the first wave of uk grind bands 80ies peaceville/ manic ears/ earache adding 90ies american powerviolence and horror death metal. Think assück meets repulsion in the plutocracy rehearsal space! There are many styles come and go but this fusion is kinda rooted in the wojczech dna. We do not write songs according to releases planned. Things take time you gotta be in the mood altogether. Everything developes out of practice room jam. Thats our formula. 

OEF: You have the incredible amount of 800 shows over 4 continents. In these times is not easy to have a grind band. What motivates you to keep playing fast music?

Stephan: We are deep down connected personally and musically since our youth all together. Everyone logically struggles with personal challenges coming to age. Nonetheless its such a special thing creating an atmosphere and climax all together! Its what made us experience the world all together, meeting like minded humans everywhere around the globe and we still learn a lot from it!

Yes, we cant tour 7 weeks in a row anymore but it we still play 20-30 shows a year trying to squeeze every free hour in it to do so.

OEF: This is your space to write what you want to the fans.

Stephan: Thank you so much for your interest in the band and Curby for keeping up with a fantastic festival to bring all the freaks together! Come and meet us at this years obscene and witness a true grind core festival in the heart of central europe!

Wojczech will put out before regret.repeat a split "7 w. social chaos from brazil on power it up records (to be out in april) and a split lp with krupskaya from the uk on 7 degrees records (to be out for this years oef)

OEF: Thanks for the interview!

Stephan: Cheers / Stephan & Wojczech crew