OEF: Hi guys, you are ready to open the gates of noise hell at Obscene Extreme. What can expect OEF fans from a Full Of Hell show? It will be more noise oriented, or a mix of songs?

Spencer Hazard: We try not to have people to have too many expectations from us and just hit them with our music. I know we have been doing a more well balanced set-list recently with our actual songs and noise.

OEF: Please tell us more about the new album, Trumpeting Ecstasy. How was the recording process? 

Spencer Hazard: Trumpeting Ecstasy will be our 3rd proper solo LP. Its been a few years since we've done a solo full length so I think we have gained a better understanding of our instruments and have been able to utilize that in our songs. We tried to inject more death metal and deathgrind in our songs this time taking influences from bands like Human Remains,Discordance Axis,Assuck,Crytopsy,Brutal Truth, Demilich and Gorguts, and combining it with our love of Swans,GASP,Man is the Bastard,Napalm Death etc We took about 4 or 5 days this time to record with Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studios. We have been recording with Kevin Bernsten who plays in Triac at his studio,Developing Nations, for almost 5 years now. We decided to go with Kurt this time around because we wanted a different outside perspective and someone who may not be as familiar with our music. Someone who can give us a little more push and a fresh ear to our sound.  

OEF: Artwork is always superb in Full Of Hell albums, and Trumpeting Ecstasy is no exception. How do you thought of that nun with her face on fire? Do you work with artists or is all of a band creation? 

Spencer Hazard: With this record and our collaboration with Merzbow we went with the legendary Mark McCoy. We have always been a fan of his work whether it be with his bands Charles Bronson,Holy Molar,Das Oath or the artwork he does for his label Youth Attack. With this record we gave him the lyrics and gave him free reign of what we wanted with very little guidance. He came back with the entire art concept after a few weeks and we fell in love with it instantly.  

OEF: Your music is a breath of fresh air in extreme music, combining many genres into one powerful pack. Could you tell us, how are Full Of Hell songs composed? What inspires you to create this oppressive and dark music? 

Spencer Hazard: I will usually come up with a riff or and entire song and we will usually go from there. It's never my intention to write dark music, thats how I naturally write. The only thing that inspires me is to just push ourselves and try to be creative as possible.  

OEF: Thanks for the interview! 

Doomsday is almost here, Full Of Hell is coming to Czech Republic!Soudný den téměř nadešel, FOH přijíždí do Česka!