OEF: Why did you decided to come back with SDI? 

Reinhard: I’ve been seriously ill in 2013. And I realised , that it doesn’t make sense to wait for the right moment, if you really want to to do something. So I do it now. At the same time, about summer 2014 Ralf Maunert sent me a Video of him, playing a SDI_Song in a rehearsal-room I’ve never seen before. So it was clear that we had the same Idea and we tried to find Rage to complete the original line-up. It was not that easy, because nobody knew where he was living at that time. I used to meet his former wife at an festival in my home town, Osnabrück and I remembered that she had told me their son, Leon, was working at a music store. I met him there he made the contact. Rage agreed and we were back. 

OEF: How is the new album going? What we can expect of your new material? 

Reinhard: We are working and recording constantly until we think we’ve got a number of songs, worth to be shown. Our goal is to finish that work by the end of the year, maybe in early 2018. There will be different songs on that album. It sure will be fast and heavy, that’s all I can say at this time. 

OEF: You traveled to Japan for the first time. How was that Japan tour? 

Reinhard: It was an honor and it was a big pleasure to be there. We did two shows in Osaka and the people went totally crazy. The country and the people are marvelous. I really enjoyed that trip. 

Panic in Wehrmacht 

OEF: You lived in a great time for Metal. What do you think was the best of the 80s and the what was the worst? 

Reinhard: The best war that there were a lot of metalheads in those days and Metal was a kind of movement, because we were many. You can get an idea of that when you go to an AC/DC-, an Iron Maiden or a Metallica show now. When you look at the crowd, you will find out, that a lot of the listeners are in my age, about 50 years old. The adults were totally against that loud and hard music and it was also a kind of protest to wear leather clothes and stuff. That puts us together, just like in that Saxon song. 

Of course, there were a lot of things, that weren’t good. For instance the existence of the iron curtain, especially in Germany. We had the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl (1986). I remember the constant fear because of a possible nuclear war. Many of the SDI-Songs reflect o these topics (Kiss Ass, Comin’ again, etc.). 

Ironically the iron curtain felt down in 1989 and made war in Europe possible again, like we saw in in Yugoslavia and nowadays in the Ukraine. 

OEF:  Do you like death metal or grindcore? What are your thoughts on sharing the stage with that kind of bands? 

Reinhard: We’ve met some great guys und really good musicians on tour. We’ve had a lot of fun with them and I appreciate these meetings very much, because you get a different view on the music, the changes in the metal-scene and the possibilities in the future. 

The music itself is another thing. I believe in songs. I like structure and rules in music, because I understand it is as an invitation to the audience, to my mind. It’s an invitation to the listeners to share what you do, think, like and want. This can only work, if everybody has (nearly) got similar expectations, to understand what’s going on. Not every metal-fan is a guitar player. If you break too many musical rules (though you have to break them to be an artist), it gets more and more difficult for others to understand (and share) what you do. The danger is, that you leave these expectations too far and in the end there are only very few people left to follow you. That’s is not only a problem for metal-musicians. It’s the same in Jazz, in classic music like 12-Tone-music and a lot of world and exotic folk-music.  

The other thing is, I want to know, what (the hell) the lyrics are about. To be true, I don’t like that it takes 3 or for songs, in some cases, to even realize in what language the guy with the microphone yells at me. But maybe it’s just, that I’m just to old ;-) 

OEF: This is your space to write what you want to the fans. 

Reinhard: I like to say ‚thank you‘ for your faith, love and continuing support. We all appreciate this very much, because we did not take it for granted, that anybody would listen to us after such a long break. We’ll have a great time at the extreme obscene fest and I like to wish the best to you all. Stay tuned and watch out for the new SDI-Album in 2018