The Die is Cast. Obscene Extreme supports new bands, and these guys are one of the top choices this year. Aleia Iacta Est from Slovakia will show their supreme combination of speed and brutality. If you like to explore contemporary underground bands keep an eye on them. 

Having released some 7"s with bands like RAS or CONTROLLED EXISTENCE, they prepare another batch of small black vinyls to be out this year alongside squads like ABORTION or RAGEOUS INTENT. Aleia Iacta Est is not slowing down!

Please tell us more about who are the members of ALEA IACTA EST.

Hi Curby and Frederico! Now we have five members in the band: there is our oldest grandpa Tomi, he plays the bass and in some cases he also adds some vocals; Sanyi, the precise one sits behind the drums; Szilárd, our doctor of aesthetics is on the six strings; the other six strings are handled by Stefan, who by the way is a materials scientist and sometimes adds also some vocals; and there am I, my name is Attila and I am responsible for the vocals. This lineup is active since 2009.   


ALEA IACTA EST means "The Die is cast", words uses by Julius Caesar when he crossed the Rubicon river. Why did you choose such historically significant name?

Firstly, because it sounds interesting and awesome. But to say the truth it was chosen because of the meaning. “The die is cast” – this is something about the everyday life. There is no chance to go back, if you did something you must live with it. So you should think about your every step because your steps have a reason. We decided to make good and killer music, and this decision is an important part of our life. But there is also a problem with this name, at first time nobody can really remember it hehe…


You are from Slovakia, but your lyrics are in Hungarian! Who writes the lyrics? Why did you choose magyar language?

Yes, most of our lyrics are in magyar language. I’m responsible for the lyrics and it is written in Hungarian because that is my/our mother language and that is the easiest way to express my feelings, thoughts and all that shit what is floating through my brain. We have also some lyrics in Slovak and English, but I can express myself more detailed in Hungarian, so I think most of our lyrics will be written in magyar also in the future. Of course we know that most of the people don’t speak Hungarian, therefore we always add at least an English translation of our lyrics to our releases.


It seems you have developed your own sound, clean, fast and brutally precise. Who are the main influences for the band?


It is hard to say in general, everyone has his own different influences, but when we started to play together we all equally loved NASUM as well as DISRUPT. Nowadays our common favorite bands are INSECT WARFARE and WARSORE, so that's why we made cover songs from these bands.

Your discography is really well produced, do you spend a lot of time searching the right sound when you record? How is the composition process?


The majority of our songs has been made as following: First, one of the guitarists brings some riffs to rehearsal and during making the drums we all are trying to put together the conception of the whole song and add some ideas. After we make the instrumental version of the song we record it on video which is needed for making the text and vocals. But recently we are also experimenting with another ways of creating songs, e.g. beginning with an interesting drum passage or making songs based on improvisation. And as far as the recording is concerned, I guess, we don't spend lot of time searching the right sound. The mixing was till now always made by a person who roughly knows what kind of sound we would like to have. So, we are usually satisfied with the third of fourth version of the re/mixed sound.

Are you planning any new releases?

Yeppp, we are always planning some new releases!! Our next stuff will be a split 7” with Rageous Intent, this should be out in the end of April. We also plan to release cooperation with our good friends from Budapest called Chappa’Ai, it will be a grindnoise stuff, released on one sided 7”. And in this September we are celebrating our 10th anniversary, for this purpose we will release a discography tape with around 50 minutes of our recorded stuff.


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Thank You for your questions, we hope to see you on this year's OEF. Take care and cheers!