Grind your mind. We are ready for the mega huge Noisecore party at Obscene Extreme, so we couldn't resist the opportunity to interview one of the icons of Noisecore: DECHE-CHARGE.

This band from Quebec, Canada started back in August 1990 as a joke. Their were influenced by the usual suspects: Napalm Death and also Sore Throat. But these guys wanted to explore more becoming noisier. After two and a half decades, these guys defy everyday the definitions of what is listenable. And they are ready to crush Obscene Extreme for the first time with a bizarre and insane noise attack. Let the eardrums bleed!

We all know that DECHE-CHARGE started as a joke, but after all this years the joke is serious! What has changed in the band since those first recordings?

D-C is still a joke... has always been and will always be! We never jam persay; but whenever we do get together (which rarely happens), we improvise random crap which someone usually ends up releasing. The only changes over the years have been members coming and going...

You are going to blast Obscene Extreme with SEDEM MINUT STRACHU and 7MON. What do you expect of that first night?

It will be cool to finally see 7MON live but as far as expectations go we have none whatsoever.

Is there a chance to do the dream team split with 7MON?

D-C and 7MON have appeared on a 12-way split tape alongside other bands but it could be fun to have a split featuring just the two bands...

What's the story behind the DECHE-CHARGE version of Frank Goshit? Are you ok with him?

You'd have to ask Frank exactly why he started the ''fake'' D-C... that said, Frank plays on the 2014 ''Disgrace To The Corpse Of Seth'' LP so i think it's safe to say there's no bad blood.

Why ANAL CUNT made that song against you? Did you have a DECHE-CHARGE song to answer them or it was all settled?

D-C retorted with the ''Anal Cunt Is Gay'' 7'' and a full lenght LP titled ''Disgrace To The Corpse Of Seth'' so i think we had the last laugh!

We know your love for analog noise, but what do you think about digital noise and digital supports? Are they too clean?

i don't know... probably... no one in D-C really listens to noise... not ''digital'' noise at least... if it's anything like a lot of crap i hear these days it's all sounds too clean and doesn't grab my attention... the same can be said for all types of music...

Which are your favourite Noisecore bands?

Sore Throat, 7MON, early Anal Cunt, Necrose, W.B.I.... just to name a few... 

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