HATE - blackened hatred from Warsaw!!!

Sooo... the last band for OEF 2021 is here!!! A huge portion of skilled death metal of the highest quality is awaiting you!!!

A long-standing as Poland's Grim Reaper who has been cutting us down in the scene for a brutal 30 years will be coming to us to spread their deadly wings!!! It is quite surprising that they will play at OEF for the first time ever!!! They are bound to smash us with their last monumental album "Auric Gates of Veles", which is a true bombshell in their discography. All their work reeks of Poland (and we all know what musical gems this country has brought us), which is why it’s easy to identify their musical roots!!!

See you at their set, where the blood will be gushing all around! Who, do you think, will enjoy it more? Us, or the band that has only listened to incredible stories about OEF so far?