WE ARE OEF!!! Yes!!! We are all OEF!!! Bands, organizers, fans, simply everyone!!! A year without wristband? Impossible!!!

If you like to show extra support to Obscene Extreme, here is the chance: Buy your OEF wristband and wear it with pride, till the end of the days!!!


Surely everyone of you can imagine, that we put maximum energy and also money to organize the festival this year. Needles to say, all the finances we spend on promotion, advertising in magazines, flyers, poster etc. are gone now and we will really need them back for promotion of OEF 2021. And then we have a airplane tickets, which we are trying to rebook them, but not in many cases we are successful.

So far, we are counting the loss in hundred thousands czech korunas, so if you like to (and we really don't force anyone!), here is the wristband ready for you!!!

OEF wristband has selfclock that you can easily fix at home with help of fellow grinder!!! Be sure not to tighten the wristband so much, leave theres space for your little finger and all will be good and comfortable to wear all year long!!!

Thank you!!!