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Zen aku is a Santiago de cali- Colombia based powerviolence band,  very influenced by punk, grindcore, metal and crust punk that blends fast deafening blast beats with noisey grinding guitars zen/aku was officialy created on august 4 2015 with oscar on guitars, david ramirez on vocals and daniel rubiano on drumms. Zen/Aku released a first ep called plagas modernas wich i have to say is a blast of grinding vocals and blasting drumms,  this one on october 31 2016, and it was recorded at Black manthra DIY Studios.

in august 5 2017 was released a brand new EP called IMPUREZA,  the band choose a studio also from Cali called Carne Debil, this time the band made it to achieve a more white noise type of sound, keeping the blast, the screaming almost crying voices and the killing distorted grindcore-powerviolence guitars, this album is also charged with interesting details, intros and concept i might say it is a very ingenious and itricate powerviolence album full of the most venomous emotions.

by the end of 2017 the zen/aku's drummer leaves and this vacant is filled by Danner Orozco (current Drummer of the band) wich improved the speed of the band to make it faster and sharper.

later in the early 2018, Zen/aku participate of a split with the hardcore punk powerviolence band REHEN and another one with a mincecore band from Bogotá called mongolico.

the band has been included in many gigs around the country and some international compilations and it also has been playing gigs with bands like PULMONARY FIBROSIS (FRANCE) TEST (BRAZIL) STRUGGLE SESSIONS (CHINA) GLUE (USA) LOS MIERDAS (PERÚ) DIS- TRUST (SALVADOR) CHIMERA (MEXICO) ORDEN MUNDIAL (SPAIN) DESHUESADERO(MEXICO) GORE AND CARNAGE (MEXICO) CHULO (COLOMBIA)


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2018 Corruptus In Extremis Split w/ Rehen DOWNLOAD
2018 Split w/ Mongolico DOWNLOAD
2017 Impureza EP
2016 Plagas Modernas EP


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