WEEDEOUS MINCER - Weedeous Mincer - Brain Devoured By Mincegore FULL EP (2016 - Mincecore Goregrind).mp3


Young and angry band Weedeous Mincer was founded by Fatykhov Sergey (MxDx, ex Elite Drug Dealers, Terminator 666, Ganjebass Grinder, Trophies Of Death etc, active -Punch Of Morons, Cystoblastosis etc) on guitar & vocal as a home mincecore project. One song demo "Totally stoned and 1-chromosome" was recorded in 2014 and was "fresh and raw" mincecore, but no plans for continue this project.. 2016 was a start point for Wedeeous Mincer as a band. Anton Kiselev (Kisel, active bands -Camphora Monobromata, Cystoblastosis, Chronic Waste etc etc) on drums became a part of Weedeos Mincer. Both members have a lot of active and dead grindcore projects where they grinding lot of years. So all fresh grindcore ideas can be realized. Weedeous Mincer devour all modern mincecore things and put here lot of fresh ideas. Kisel use classic goregrind beats and hardcore up and downs, from noisy blastbeats to modern mincecore steps. But basis for song structures of course is classic grindcore. MxDx use low tuned guitar with a unholy distortion, "agathocles mincecore" riffs, classic death metal tricks and all anger what have typical riffs from grindcore subgenres, from goregrind to powerviolence. First time MxDx was a only vocalist in band ("Brain Devoured By Mincegore" and all splits in 2016). 50/50 it was goregrind growling and "mincecore barbarian" styles, and sometimes "retard farmer" style like in song "I cant live without weed".. 2017 starts and Weedeous Mincer work with some friendly grind vokillers in studio, guest vocal was in "Asocial Instinct" (Dmitry Hat from Punch Of Morons & Kisel), 3-way gore split'17 (Olga from Cystoblastosis) and split with Gorgos where band's old friend Dmitry Paulauskas (Captain Cutlet, ex Elite Drug Dealers, Terminator 666, Ganjebass Grinder, Trophies Of Death etc) destroy ears with classic grindcore/mincecore vocal. Now Captain Cutlet is part of Weedeous Mincer. Lyrics sometimes typical for any grindcore band, sometimes hit the unexpected modern questions. Weedeous Mincer have absolutely mind free approach to lyrics, but band total anti racist, anti homophobic, anti war and despise any form of descrimination and exploitation. Weedeous Mincer support total legalize, kindness, forever support for any forms of D.I.Y. grindcore and punk, deny nations, borders and governments. At this moment band is active and create fresh grindcore tricks, record new stuff for solo releases and splits and always ready to make a hell at the live shows.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2017 Asocial Instinct MC (TAPE)
2017 2-way split w./Gorgos MC (TAPE)
2017 3-way split w./Botched Anastomosis J-Pouch & Rectocele MC (TAPE)
2016 Modern Mince Autism DEMO, DOWNLOAD
2016 Brain Devoured By Mincegore MC (TAPE)
2016 4-way split w./Happy Nation, EcthymaGangrenosum & Parodontosis MC (TAPE)
2016 2-way split w./Khash CD


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