VEXOVOID - Prophet Of The Void


Vexovoid is an Italian Progressive Thrash Metal band born in Tuscany in the early 2014 when Danny, Leonardo and Salvatore find themselves playing in the same Thrash Punk band. After some time they decide to work on a new project mixing furious and complex sounds with some Sci-Fi atmosphere. Immediately after the publication of the EP "Heralds of the Stars", Salvatore quit the band for personal reasons, returning to live in Sicily, and leaving the band unable to bring on the stage their new recording effort. The remaining members where in search of a replacement, waiting for the return of Salvatore, when they found Mattia Mornelli (Human Decay's Drummer) as a live member but waiting for further confirmations. The trio is now ready to travel everywhere in the galaxy and bring the news of a new age. A new modern space age of battles and fucking lasers. 'Cause they are the Heralds. The Heralds of the Stars.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2014 Heralds of the Stars EP


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