UNYIELDING LOVE - 06 Of Human Grease And Ash.mp3


Country of origin: United Kingdom / Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland Unyielding Love creates impossible to believe noise-infested blackened grindcore of absolutely boundless and lawless depravity - music that is apparently built with the sole purpose to blind-side, ambush, and slay human ears with an unbelievably torrid and vile blend of lightning-fast grinding hatred and a scathing mauling of harsh-noise insanity. Blending grindcore, black metal, noise and power electronics in a firestorm of abhorrent sonic chaos, Unyielding Love have perfectly bridged the gap between the aesthetics of bands like Full of Hell, Nails, Column of Heaven, Knelt Rote, Sutekh Hexen, and Gnaw Their Tongues, creating something so heinous and sonically wretched that the human brain will ever only partially be able to fully grasp the extent of this band’s immeasurable madness and vision. (http://sentientruin.com)


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2016 The Sweat of Augury EP


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