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We founded the band in 2011 in Brno. We’ve been only three in that time – Pavel Charlie Navrátil (quitar), Jiří Vobora (bass, percussion), Tomáš Kitlička (citar). A few months later joined us Milan Hamrla (percussion) and after some rehearsals, the final formation was stabilized: Charlie – guitar, Jiří – bass, Tomáš – vocals, Milan – percussion. In the beginning of 2012, we played for the first time in public in a club M13. The next year, we’ve spent a lot of time in rehearsal room with rehearsing and composing new things. During that we’d played some concerts. In March 2013, was created the first Demo named The Blood, The Sweat, The Madness, from recording studio Rabito. Then we played at Melodka for the very first time and at fest Rockové Chrlení, which was also our first time there. We started to think about adding another guitarist, so we inserted our advert around, but after a few months and a few guitarists we gave up the fight. Nobody was tuned on the same wave, despite their decent playing abilities. The situation changed at the turn of the year 2013 and 2014, when our band was found by Jiří Hajn, who has come to play the guitar with us. He’s been “that” what we needed and our visions and opinions were very similar. In April 2014 came out our second demo in production of Miloš Dodo Doležal. Then followed some great concerts with bands: ABSOLVA, LIKE FOOL, WITCH HAMMER, THE PANT, REMAINS OF FORCE… In November 2014 Jiří and Tomáš left the band after an agreement. Despite what happened, stay our relationships still friendly. Then we searched for a new bassist and singer. Although we’ve been searching patiently, we’ve hardly found anyone with the same opinions on music. In the beginning of 2015, two good people let persuaded themselves. We’ve added Iveta Pavlišová as a new bassist and Charlie took the post of singer, despite his annoying comments. He’s began to like it so much, that he’s changed our style from Thrash Metal to Thrash Hard Core with his lead vocals. We’ve started to remake and improve our playlist for different vocals and to prepare for concerts with famous Czech band DYMYTRY (Brno, Olomouc). These concerts were very successful and also our fan base was expanded. In May we recorded new song named MF SREAM (EML Studio) and also made a clip for that (PRINT-VIDEO Studio). In September we had honor to play before an American hard-core legend PRO-PAIN. This concert was amazing and we enjoyed it a lot! In November our dream came true. We played before another American legend. This time it was ANTHRAX!! We are very grateful to be a part of this concert. It was an amazing experience and we are looking forward to what future will bring! Now we spend our time in a studio and preparing to the other shows. New album will come out in the beginning of the next year! March 16, 2016 we released the first ,,major" album INHALE. We look forward to you at our next concert!


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