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A constant tension ensures a force that nails the listeners to the wall. No standard, mainstream & trends - the ThrashGangsters pervade their own, independent, underground gangster thrash metal style merciless. By composing and recording the demo-EP “Terror Has Begun” (2014/15) the mission of two Thrashers by the names of ClyonThrasher and Marco M.C. Mosh has begun. Exclusively own songs broaching scenarios of abomination in physical and psychological terror according to social drawbacks.Technically artful arrangements and massive rhythms generate a whirlwind which soaks into Metalheads brains.On top of that, the official music video for the title track "Terror Has Begun" celebrated its publication at the end of June 2015. To date, the clip hit out to over 14,000 rubbernecks worldwide! Since November 2017 the ThrashGangsters are at large presenting their stuff live. The highlight real had been their appearance at Chalons Metal Fest (FR) with Hard Rock Legend Diamond Head. At the end of 2019 new songs have been recorded at Gernhart Tonstudio (well known for their continuous works with Destruction and Tankard), which have been released along with a music video of the song “Cheating Death” as debut album titled "Perseverance".


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2020 Perseverance CD
2015 Terror Has Begun DEMO


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