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STAY DOWN is a metalcore band from Czech Republic. Their home town is Znojmo. Founding members are Petr Hrnčár (vocals, bass), Simona Blažková (guitar) and Jan Juríček (lead guitar) In the middle of 2017, Jan Dúbrava took the lead as a drummer and Jane Taylor as lead singer. The first EP "My Way," was released on 1. October 2017. You can find four original songs on the EP. It was recorded with Jan Říha in his studio in Rápotice. The first single is "My Way" and the music video for this song was published on 13. November 2017. The video was shot in Ždár nad Sázavou in a collabration with Ninetytwo Production. Second music video for song "The Last Pain" was released on 20. 1. 2018. The video was shot on one of their concert in Brno by Zdeněk Strmiska. At the end of March 2018, guitarist Jan Juríček left the band. From April 2018 took his place Zdeněk Soška. In July 2018 guitarist Simona Blažková left the band. New guitarist name is Ivan Daniel.


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2017 MY WAY EP


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