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SPEARBLOOD Death Metal is a band born in 2009 in the city of Cali-Colombia under the leadership of Johnatan Hoyos (JH Immolation - GUITAR) under a clear musical philosophy oriented old school Death metal as a key American and European influence his musical compositions. At this early stage SPEARBLOOD has a lineup that prints its classical influences in the execution of the first compositions, JH Immolation is accompanied on drums by Rodolfo García, on guitar Leader KRUEGER in Lower Miguel Sanchez and Voice JAIME GIRALDO . In 2011 SPEARBLOOD changes its logo and undergoes a change in its lineup with the departure of vocalist Jaime Giraldo is currently entering the MEAT GRINDER band vocalist with a great power in his voice and a strong influence to the American Death Metal . In 2013 SPEARBLOOD independently produced their first EP titled "borning of Perversion" which has 3 songs with a raw sound and home of which only 50 copies were produced. In 2015 the band enters PRODUCTIONS DEMIURGE studios to record what will be his first full-length "PSYCHOPATHOLOGY" which is expected soon see the light. SPEARBLOOD has participated in various events together with local, national and international bands and has been recorded in different media


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