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Paolo Perazzani, Matteo Galbier, Matteo Ballottari and Frank Ambrosi met for the first time in 1996, playing in local venues in Verona with their different bands. Some years later in the 1999, Matteo Galbier and Matteo Ballottari joined Arthemis, a quite famous heavy metal band in Verona, recording the cult masterpiece album “Church of the Holy Ghost” (Underground Symphony, 2000) and the following “The Damned Ship” (Underground Symphony, 2001), yielding worldwide enthusiastic responses, especially from Japan, where the band was distributed by the major label Avalon Marquee. In 2002 Paolo Perazzani jointed Arthemis (his former band in the 1994-1997 years), recording “Golden Dawn” and “Back from the Heat” albums (Underground Symphony, 2003-2005), reinforcing the band acclamation by worldwide fans, participating to international festivals as Evolution, Metalcamp, Badia Rock, Sun Valley festivals, opening for band as Cradle of Filth, Blaze Bailey, Within Temptation, etc.. . In 2007 Matteo Ballottari decided to leave Arthemis, while Paolo Perazzani and Matteo Galbier recorded a further Arthemis album named “Black Society” (Scarlet records, 2009) followed by an amazing tour in Japan. In 2009 however Paolo Perazzani and Matteo Galbier alsodecided to leave Arthemis. In the meanwhile Frank and Andrea “Franza” Franzoni were part of a band named Sickbed, which has been become a legend in Verona, due to their aggressive and voilent stage performances, opening for bands like Marduk,Dew-scented and Skanner . At the end of 2009 however Sickbed members decided to split. At the beginning of 2010, longtime friends Matteo Ballottari and Frank Ambrosi decided to joint together forming a new extreme musical adventure completed by former bandmates Andrea Franzoni, Matteo Galbier and Paolo Perazzani. Aggressive and groovy guitar riffs, thundering drums and kick-ass voice are the basis of this blasting 5-pieces band!!! A new chapter has begun, stay tuned for upcoming news, and SCREAM IF YOU LIKE IT!!!!


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