Sickening Entertainment saw the first light in 2011. the first rehearsal was on 10th of April 2011. The bandmembers are experienced and are ex members and members from following bands: Inhuman Hatred, Hellehonden, Joe Piler Band, Mit, Blackened, Whoregasm and Act of Heresy. We played our first gig a year later on 28th of april 2012 but Before that gig we went to the studio (from 23th to 25th of March we did the recording and went back 2 weeks later for the mastering) . Our first CD was released on S.S.A.A.S. Rec. and was for sale the first week of October 2012. Also a song was released on the Face your Underground vol.11 sampler ( released 1th of June 2012). We went back to the Studio 24th of November to record 6 songs for an split EP with kaasschaaf and a song for a Tribute CD. That Split CD was released 8th of march 2013 Sickening Entertainment is not an traditional Grind Band! We play Gore Porn Grind in our own way and style! We do the most stupid random things Live on Stage, in the studio, at the rehearsal place, just everywhere.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2013 Split with Kaasschaaf CD
2012 Squid Squirt Anal Apocalypse Squad CD


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De Decker 13.05.2015 10:28

These Guys have a lot of new hoempa songs and will record a new cd this year