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REINCARNATION was born in 1993, the band was created by Diego (vocals), Juanfe (bass), Simón (drums), Pedro (guitars) and shortly after they were joined by Javi on guitars. This lineup didn’t last for too long and changes started immediately. One year later, Diego left the band and Juanfe, due to sickness was forced to leave, so Javi passed to play guitar and sing at the same time as well as Tijeras, coming from the local band HOLOCAUST, joined on bass in 1995. The band got in touch with Repulse Records and released their first work, a demo on mini CD format entitled “Seed of Hate”. One year later, Simón decided to leave the band due to personal problems and his role was taken by José who also came from HOLOCAUST. This line up didn’t last for too long as Tijeras decided to leave the band, being replaced by Morales. With this line up, REINCARNATION recorded in 1997 their first full length album “Void”, also released by Repulse Records. Two years later, the band decided to split-up. After some years, Pedro & Mariano from HOLOCAUST got in touch and decided to resuscitate REINCARNATION with this line up: Pedro (guitar), Mariano (bass/HOLOCAUST), Oscar (vocals/HOLOCAUST) and José (drums/REINCARNATION, HOLOCAUST). They tried to get Javi back, but it was not a right time for him. With this line up they only played one show and soon new changes took place, seeing Mario & Oscar leaving the band definitely. After some weeks of inactivity, Javi decided to return to REINCARNATION and Kike joins as new guitarist & pass player, so with this line-up the band played a couple of shows in Tarragona & Barcelona together with AVULSED. Some months later, José & Kike also decided to leave the band, but Pedro & Javi decided they won’t surrender and tried to recruit new members. In February 2006, REINCARNATION got back with a new line-up: Javi (vocals), Pedro (guitar), Manu (bass), Emilio (drums) & Pepe (guitar) who would later change to drums. With this line-up the band played together with INCANTATION and shortly after Emilio & Manu left the band. Pepe started to play drums and Alfonso joined as new bass player. With this line-up the band suffered some ups and downs during two years that didn’t lead to anything serious. In January 2010 the band started to work seriously and months later they played with SUFFOCATION, DYING FETUS & GUILLES DE RAIS as well as some more shows to get in shape. In 2012 REINCARNATION got an agreement with a local label to record a new album, which would mean their return after years without new recordings. After some months of preparations, they started the recordings and weeks later, the label didn’t fulfill what they promised for reasons still unknown, so the recording was interrupted after registering drums & guitars, leaving bass & vocals unfinished. Two years passed, time while REINCARNATION were practising new stuff and looking for a label without any success, but unexpectedly, in 2014 they got a call from Xtreem Music showing interest on the status of the new album and offering a deal that would consist in the re-issue of their two previous works “Seed of Hate “ & “Void” as well as financial support to finish the recordings for the new album, a deal that the band gladly accepted. Few months later they started the recordings and started working on the re-issue of their early works. In Spring 2015 the recordings of vocals & bass were completed and they’re actually in mixing process, cover artwork design and latter mastering. It’s expected that in late 2015 we’ll all see the long & anxiously awaited new album by REINCARNATION that will be entitled “The Beginning of the End”.


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