RAWHIDE - rawhide_damage-done.mp3


Established: 2003 Genre: Rock`n`Roll, Crust Members: El Wocko Drums Little Mike Guitar Captain Twofinger Bas Rambeling Rob Song & Guitar City: Uddevalla Labels: Patac, Dybbuk, Hellrocker, Craneo Negro, Unholy anarchy, Brigade RECORDS Description: Bursting through a scene obsessed with rockstar image and brainless nostalgia, Rawhide delivers a reminder that the law is rock thunder, nothing else. Rawhide is always interested in playing gigs abroad and in their own country, so get in touch if there is any need for some bad ass Rock n roll from Sweden. Influences: Motörhead Contact: rawhidedeathpunk@hotmail.com


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2015 Panzer bastar/Rawhide - Black hearts white lines EP
2015 Panzer bastard/Rawhide/Whipstriker - Filth and mayhem across America EP
2015 Rawhide/Hookers EP
2013 Rawhide - Murder one LP
2011 Rawhide - Built to blow EP
2009 Rawhide - Plenty aint enough CD


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