The group was established in Sofia summer of 1992, In the autumn of 1993 "Decomposed" was recorded in two weeks in the capital studio "City" and the style is emerging as Grind \ death metal. The band quickly gained momentum and follow concerts. With the release borrow "Riva Sound" album was released in late 1993., Stands as the first place in sales for two months in the national music chart. Presentation of their best-selling group in the TV show "Hit minus one" band recorded a song that organizers refuse to run because of the hard sound. The boys begin work on their next album, while continuing her recitals in Bulgaria with groups such as the "Nihilist", "Nice side of pathology" and others. That run quite successfully. In the summer of 1994 entered the studio "Graffitti" to record their second album "Useless Amputations. In late August, the album comes out in the music market and the band goes back on tour in Bulgaria, then the result of a minor incident Krassimir’s (guitar) hand is injured badly and he retired from playing for a considerable period. Past Redemption break. '10 Later Stefan(drums) decides it is time to reunite the band, reached Krassimir and started again. The rest of the old lineup, however, have left the stage for a long time and began a long period of search for musicians. After several failed versions joined Mitko (bass) and Danny (vocals) and they began work on new material. After several concerts the band decided to draw a second guitarist, luckily quickly found the right man - Ivan (guitar). In the spring of 2005. Past Redemption enter the studio, where for three months recorded and mixed "Forever Burning Scorn". With the spread of the album takes Counterattack and 21.12.2005 he is at all music stores. Meanwhile the band started working on new material that they intend to enroll autumn and the style will become even more brutal Death / Grind. Two years later, the group filmed a concert DVD with videos and remastered version of the album DECOMPOSED (1993). After that they left Counterattack, and in 2011 self-released their double cd album "Unleashed Emptiness". The next year, 2012 recorded a song and video (Fraud) for the short movie Big-Small. Currently the band is working with new lineup on their next album, entitled Final Redemption. Current members: Steven – Drums Krasi – Guitars Alex – Guitars/Vocals/Screams Svetlin – Bass/Grunts/Growls/Vocals Discography: "Decomposed" - EP - 1993 "Useless Amputation" - EP - 1994 "Forever Burning Scorn" CD - 2005 "Past Redemption- Live in Sofia" DVD- 2007 "Unleashed Emptiness" 2 CD - 2011 "Fraud" EP- 2012 “Homicide” EP – 2016


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2016 Homicide DEMO
2012 Fraud DEMO
2011 Unleashed Emptiness CD
2007 Live in Sofia DVD
2005 Forever Burning Scorn CD
1994 Useless Amputations MC (TAPE)
1993 Decomposed MC (TAPE)


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