PANCREATITE NOISE GRIND - Pancreatite Noise - Menospausa [ Single ] (2016).mp3


(From Brazil) Rapid noise was the central idea from the beginning of the project in 2015 to the present day. Lissamara Rodrigues (Founder and former vocalist) decided to invest and work on the project initially, calling some friends who had the same sonic tastes. Encouraged by the desire to see the ideas leave the role and by the failure of several bands of the strangest and most diverse genres in the city, And wants. Soon there was a composition line based on freely mixing elements of Hardcore, Metal and Grindcore that basically resulted in dirty chords and speed oscillations in a few seconds, disregarding the presence of patterns that were normally present. The letters are composed of diverse subjects, be they humanity's challenge to survive, man's mistakes, pollution, destruction, etc. Lissamara leaves the post of vocalist, where she ends up destroying the formation, resulting in "use a funnel" to define where the band would follow with its members, who after much searching, test And persistence we managed to stabilize the formation, launching until the first record, titled "MENOSPAUSA", chosen only 3 tracks in a single of 18. The recording and mixing was then done on METALIBANGERS FEST # 1 by Bode Velho Studio. Pancreatite Noise currently consists of Pedro Hewitt on vocals, André Lucas on guitars, Clara Damasceno on bass and Romulo Sousa on drums, keeping all strong and strong author production, as well as recording another single, EP and a full lenght future .


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2017 Antropausa EP
2017 Black Cape EP
2016 Menospausa DEMO


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