PAEDIATRICIAN - Obstetrician


The Band was formed in december 2006, by two former members of the death metal band Disinfection (Ferenc „Pokesz” Pokornyik (guitar) and Sándor „Goregrindcore” Horváth (vocals, currently in Art of Massacre and Vile Disgust)), joined by drummer Balázs "Vomitblast" Pőcz and bassist Dávid Varjú, under the name Supplication. Originally, they played a more traditional, old-school form of grindcore, but as time progressed more and more goregrind elements have been added to the music and the lyrics too, so they decided to change name and conception eventually. Therefore, at around the spring of 2007, Paediatrician was born, playing fast, uncompromising goregrind, with similar lyrical themes that characterize the whole genre (zombies, child killing, infections, death etc.). While the musical core of the band (Ferenc, Balázs and Dávid) has remained intact since the formation, the band has almost constantly suffered from member changes on the vocalist position (with the number of ex-members almost reaching ten(!), although some of them only played for a few shows), operating with one and two vocalists as well, but the current line-up has been stable since 2010. After the 2008 demo ("Műtét/Operation"), Paediatrician released their first full-lenght album in 2011 ("Deformed Premature") through US label Sevared Records and Terranis Produictions, followed by numerous splits, and in 2013, the band completed it's second LP, entitled "Surgical Excoriation", which is released at Anopsys Records. Nowadays we are recording our 3rd full lenght album called "Pregnant Pathology" with our new vocalist Nemes "Seven" Norbert.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2013 Surgical Excoriation CD, LP
2011 Deformed Premature CD, LP
2008 Operation (Műtét) DEMO


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