OSSUARY ANEX - 07 Last Religion.mp3


Ossuary Anex - Brutal death metal act originating from Ufa/Russia. The band was formed in 2008 by Max (Guitar). The line-up was changed many times. It was completed in the following couple of years with the coming of drummer Sergey, vocalist Chris and bass-player Semen. During this time it was created enough material for full length album. The debut CD "Awakening" was recorded in Sosnovsky Studio (Ufa). Mixing and mastering by S. Penzensky (SFC). As a result, album was released in december 2012 on SoulFlesh Collector Records, demonstrating a primitive brutal death with slamming elements. Following the first release, Ossuary Anex performed in some gigs and fests. In April 2013 Ossuary Anex took part at the Russian tour with Defeated Sanity (Germany). After that Semen and Chris left the band. They were replaced by experienced musicians: Sergey (bass) and Kirill (vox). Now Ossuary Anex is working at the studio on the new stuff, which will be faster and more technical.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2012 Awakening CD


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