NORDWITCH - 02 - Dominion.mp3


NordWitch - Blackened/Death Metal band from Ukraine\ Hungary . But for this moment band became be fully Ukrainian project .In the begining , there was also hungarian blood in our band drummer Donets Stepan , with him we made our debut album "Mork Profeti" , and start our path . For now band have new drummer from ukraine . The band was formed February 6, 2015. In lyrics and themes the band invested ideas of satanism, occultism and mythology of the ancient Scandinavia. Nordwitch it's mix of powerful strong riffs and brutal female vocals . For this moment band done work with debut album "Mork Profeti" . what coming up in 2016 autumn . The band already made a few relay nice hellish show . And played together with the German black metal legends Nargaroth . The band signed a contract of management with USA company\label Dark Rituals and Satanath Records . Now The band in prepare for the Europe tour , they plans to do in the autumn of 2016 in support of the new album .


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2016 Mork Profeti CD


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