NO FUCKS GIVEN United Kingdom

NO FUCKS GIVEN - Never Fast Enough


Formed at the end of 2013 with ex/current members of many bands (Narcosis, Reth, Afternoon Gents, Famine, Revokation, Shoot The Bastard and more). From Leeds, UK, playing mostly fast harshness. Toured with Afternoon Gents June 2014, supported Weekend Nachos, Full of Hell, Choked by Own Vomits, Eagle Twin, and well as played Dirty Weekend Festival, plus Yorkshire Riffer, Show No Mercy, Byker Grave all dayers. Upcoming supports to Maruta, Unsu and playing Chimpyfest 2015. An explosive, less than 20 minute assault, of vicious grind, crust and power violence. Main influences being Discordance Axis, Hard To Swallow, Hellnation, Magrudergrind, Phobia, Hatred Surge, Keitzer, Maruta, Birdflesh, Drop Dead, Jig-ai, Rotten Sound, Narcosis, Horsebastard, The Afternoon Gentlemen.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2014 'Gold Tooth in a mouthful of rotten fillings' CD
2014 'Live in Glasgow 13th Note' DOWNLOAD


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