MORTUUS NEURONS - Chapter-I-I-Want-to-Kill-You.mp3


The band is formed with the name of Vomitu Visceral Festum in 2011 in the city of Bogota colombia being the founder Javier Melo; With the alignment that was not hard for more than a month and dissolved. In 2013 the name is changed to Mortuus Neurons and formed with Carlos Santos and from there three events are made and the promo of the same year is made and a split with The Mexican band Herpes. The band stays static for a long year due to inconveniences with Carlos Santos. Already in 2015 joins the lineup Julio Veloza which comes to power in the vowels with doing the two tributes to Disgorged Foetus and 2 Minuta Dreka, then in 2016 to be in some events. In September, the decision is made to continue without Carlos Santos and joins the lineup Julian Escobar, leaving the lineup like this, each one takes a pseudonym and the new alignment is like this: Necroratory Grinder: Vocals / Guitars - Creepy Bite: Backing Vocals / Bass - Zombierrhage: Drums In 2017 thanks to Toilet Records ... will be the first album of the long-lasting band and with a goregrind sound with a lot of power .. the album called Nice to Eat and Gut is in process and soon will be on sale, also expected That this year a Split series will be completed and the band already won a spot at the festival called Mexican Gore Grind Master that is held every year and the date will be in September 2017


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2017 Nice to Eat and Gut CD
2013 Promo DEMO
2013 Zombie Gore/Split CD


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