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Mortado was founded in 2010, we hail classic bands such as Repulsion, Autopsy, Napalm Death, Mortician among others. During these years we produced - 2011 Demo "Ultimate Punishment" - 2013 EP "Rancid and Corroded" - 2014 Split Tape with Agathocles - 2015 Split Tape with Nunslaughter And had several presentations inside and outside our city sharing stage with bands like Mortuoria (Mexico), Necroterror (Peru), Hellbutcher (Ecuador), Morbid Macabre (Colombia), Masacre (Colombia), and we have received good reviews and good acceptance of the public. Now in 2015 comes the first full length "Human Mistaken Experiments" released by Hatemetal Records (Mexico) and digitaly by Necrostable records (Norway).


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2015 Devil Metal Over Cali (Split with Nunslaughter) MC (TAPE)
2015 Human Mistaken Experiments CD
2014 What i have Seen ... Becomes Grotesque and Vulgar (Split with Agathocles) MC (TAPE)
2013 Rancid and Corroded EP
2011 Ultimate Punishment DEMO


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