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M.O.L.E.R (AKA Moler=grind in spanish) Is an acronym which stands for Movimiento de Libre Expresión Radical which translates to Radical Free Speech Movement. The band start in 2016 and constantly plays in Underground Extreme Music Festivals and DIY gigs in the Costa Rica Local scene, had shared stage too with some international bands like Distrust(Salvador), Putrid Pile(USA), Sedicion (Mexico), Haggus (USA), Rectocele (Guatemala) ACxDC (USA) and Kataplexia(Finland). It got a sound inspired in the classic grindcore and a marked power/violence style, with a concept based on the protest and misanthropy through the extreme music and fight against any kind of authority, power abuse, discrimation or repression


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2019 No Cesa, Desde Latino America Desgarrada 4 way Split w/ Exacerbacion, Inanicion / Destruye y Destruye MC (TAPE)
2019 Diputados How Much Split w/ Agathocles MC (TAPE)
2018 Puta Humanidad CD, DOWNLOAD, EP


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