MOGH Iran (Islamic Republic Of)



Mogh, was formed on 06.06.06 in the Paganland-India by Lord Faustoos (half Israeli half persian) Mogh is an artistic group in trance modernism conceptual style ,A form where ancient values are equally important as certain paradigms and tools in the modern Cybernetic war life , deconcepting order of the universe in alternate vision using Anti-Islamic, Thelemic, Zurvanism themas as lyrics and representing the sound and spirit of Oriental Rituals, Summerian Occultism and Enochian Magick, originated in babylon, summoning dark energies based on middle eastern minimalism and blasphemic chantings in black metal genre


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Rayn 03.08.2017 00:43

Rayn 03.08.2017 00:35

Interesting. From Iran but was born in India. Pretty confusing that from which land actually this band belongs to. Also the Lord Faustoos is half Israeli and half Persian (and these races are not preferring each other). It's exiting to have a mysterious Black Metal outfit forst time on OEF, with the obscure by background band. Me also racially half Persian and Indian. Black Metal'