MEMBRANCE - Membrance - Poveglia.mp3


Membrance was born in 2012 in Venice (Italy) from Davide how a Death/Black Metal crossover project, but in 2014 changed fold in a old school Death Metal band with rock'n roll and blues influences, reinforced genre by the arrival of Pietro on the guitar in 2015. After a short period of underground esibitions and demos recordings, in 2017 the band suffers the last little line-up change to see the entry of Giovanni at the drums and to record his first full-length named "Abyss" (Envenomed Music). After this record the band participates at some festivals such as Metaldays 2018 in Tolmin and Winterdays of Metal, continuing also as a support for some big bands on tours in northern Italy like Marduk, Brujeria and Necrodeath. In 2019 Envenomed Music released the second Membrance's full-length named "Morality's Collapse".


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2019 Morality's Colapse CD
2018 Highway to schifo EP
2017 Abyss CD
2016 Goat's Guts DEMO
2015 Revenant DEMO
2015 Horror Vacui DEMO
2012 Whitches' Sabbath DEMO


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