MASS BURIAL - Mass burial - Post-war psychosis.mp3


The idea for Mass Burial began in 2002 but the band didn´t start ´till 2004 with a different line-up. With only a few rehearsals the band sttoped until 2010, when the band was completed with four members. After several rehearsals, in December began the recording process of their first album entitled "Of carrion and pestilence" and in september 2011 this process was completed signing with Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho (Poland) to launch it at the beggining of 2012. The same label release their following work "Gangrene hymns" on April 23rd, 2013. Due to the good reviews, the band was signing by Xtreem Music to release their next work, the full length "Soul's necrosis" (2015) The style is a rough old school death metal as it always had to be, with a putrid artwork and a dark production. Lineup: Oscar -bass- (Antecessor) Jorge Azofra -drums- (Authority Crisis, Helde, Mind Holocaust, Moshaholics, Logical End, ex-Aural Butchery, ex-Evil Rise, ex-Kamorräh, ex-Sinergia, ex-Ulzera) Angel -guitars- (Ad Nebula Nigra, Authority Crisis, Graveyard of Souls, Logical End, ex-Aural Butchery) Raúl Weaver -guitars, vocals- (Authority Crisis, Graveyard of Souls, Mistweaver, Nasty Surgeons, Pathfinder, ex-The Undead Family, ex-Misty Moors)


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2015 Soul's Necrosis CD
2013 Gangrene Hymns CD
2012 Of Carrion and Pestilence CD


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