LAPIDATED - Lapidated - Necrotic Reborn.mp3


"Lapidated" was born in 2010 in Almería, Spain. The music band launched the first EP “Devout of flesh” in 2011 by Hecatombe Records, it contained 2 songs and 500 copies were distributed worldwide. Lapidated launched the first LP "The Stench of Carnage", it was recorded in (Aromestudio Records) by Pablo Blanco (Drum). 1000 copies were distributed by "Hecatombe Records" and by "Sevared Records" from America. The music band launched a live Lp to the publish and took part in different well-known festivals. They made national tours accompanying famous music bands and performing in foreign countries as Portugal. Two songs were extracted from the Lp through a videoclip, aparts of two live recordings made with a professional audio. The music band was consolidated at a national level thanks to a considering sales amount of merchandising and cds. Lapidated published a new edition of 1000 copies of “The Stench Of Carnage” in 2017, while the music band prepares the second Lp.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2014 The Stench Of Carnage CD
2011 Devout Of Flesh DEMO


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