INVERTED SCROTUM - 4 THE PHANTOM SHIT SMEARER (online-audio-converter.com).mp3


From the swamps of Sheppey comes 'INVERTED SCROTUM' Lots of shouting and horrible noise.. with occasional nipple rubbing. Founded in 2010 as a sort-of-side project by 3 guys getting drunk, smoking too much drugs and watching a lot of porn together. Now lives on as a solo shouty noise electronic-hardcore type pile of electro punk shit. Having been performing live since 2012, we've been banned from 2 venues that we know of for our offensive lyrics, we have several bands that wont play on a line up with us again due to our lyrics (and the fact that we up-stage them of course) we've played gigs with metal line ups, electronic line ups.. and even performed at a wedding ( true story! ) Bands unfortunate enough to share a line up with us include: brotherhood of the lake / sworn to oath / deathtopia / for i am king / anarcistwood / skat injector / impuritas / brutalist architecture in the sun


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