INTERNAL LEPROSY - Rotten Politician Flesh


Internal Leprosy is a 3-piece death metal band from a small town of Pampanga in Philippines with heavy, fast and very aggressive sound having morbid, gruesome lyrical content about political issues both real and inspired by movies, true stories and experiences of different nations that suffered from diseases, genocides, political and religious wars and brutal imaginations of the band members themselves. The band was founded back in 2009 by King Ingalla (vocals/bass) and Paolo Culala (vocals/guitars). Had some several line-up changes and ended up being together with Arron Villanueva as the official drummer. The band became officially active since 2014 to present playing locally at shows from different productions in Pampanga, Manila and other places in the Philippines. Recorded their debut EP entitled "Judicial Blashemy" last February 2016 under Monopond Recording Studio, Pasig City, Manila Philippines and was independently produced which includes 4 tracks. The band is currently unsigned in any music label.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2016 Judicial Blasphemy EP


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