INFECTED - Motherfuckers' Anthem


Infected is an Italian band formed in 2014 from an idea of the guitarist (who later became also the vocalist) Gianmarco Morabito who wanted to play metal and compose his own music. After managing to involve in the project his friends Samuele Cattadori (bass and backing vocals) and Marco Li Vigni (guitar) and spending with them a year playing covers of Metallica and Pantera and creating ideas for their own songs, at the high school they meet Michele Castelnuovo (drums) that joins immediately the band. After the unsuccessful search for a vocalist , Gianmarco decides to take that role adapting his voice to the style of the band . So the four guys record their first demo "Infected" which has a good success and brings the band to perform in various clubs and festivals for over a year. The various musical influences of each band member can be found in each track of the Demo . From Bay Area’s thrash to the old school death through the groove. "The atmosphere is essential, often crude, but terribly powerful and engaging [...] What emerges from "Infected" and hits the listener like a boulder is the decisive impact of every track , the strong-willed but determined attitude of the four boys, and especially the desire to have fun in the name of that passion mentioned in the opening. ". (Rock Hard magazine Italy -February- March 2015) After the Demo the boys do not just keep on playing live, but immediately begin to compose new songs and after two years away from their first work, in March 2017 the new album “Judgment Day” is ready, produced by ETN Records and distributed worldwide by Punishment 18 records. "This album offers a series of cues from which emerges a way of playing that is not obvious and does not respond to the generic thrash that all the bands love to play but, offers the answer to something different "(www.metalwave.it) Up to now the band has played in different shows as headliner and in some shows as opening act for important bands such as Onkel Tom (SODOM), EXTREMA and NODE and with the release of the album the band began performing in various headlining shows abroad thanks to its first tour: The “Judgment Tour”. At the moment the band is working on the new album and in August 2019 the latest single "Motherfuckers' Anthem" came out.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2017 Judgment Day CD


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