INCEST ANALFEST - Big Bitch Bukakke Barbeque - Incest Analfest.mp3


Once upon a time, somewhere around 2010 on sweaty in Belgian's We(s)t Coast . Monsieur Tits ( bass ) and Mister GrooVe ( vocals ) hat at that time the fun of their lives together shaving their balls and collecting family movies like Splatter / Rape&Revenge / Human Exploitation / Snuff /... but their hard cocks wanted something more. The hunger for sickness and sexual depravity was to big and they wanted to spread it across the world. So they started to form the Swingin' Porn Grind band INCEST ANALFEST ( fyi, Belgian has to little bands in that genre ). It took them a few years to find the right crew to join their gory family portrait, but after a few changes they ended up with Cocky ( guitar ) & Fraulein StukkaPilot ( drums ). In February 2014 they released their first recordings called " Indian Curry Slurry" and are currently working to release their new album in 2016 " Swing Gore Splatter Whore" Incest Analfest loves to share their sexual depravity's with their audience by using live visuals and transexual dancers. Find them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/egatisegateneluleginoogndikketettenmettepelkloven


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2014 Indian Curry Slurry EP


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