ÍMPETO - Impeto - Reis do Pogo.mp3


The band has existed since 1998, formed by 04 crazy friends in bands that play fast and insane songs! IMMPETO is today one of the oldest bands in activity in this region of Brazil. From the beginning the idea has always been to make a quick sound but with influences from Hardcore Old School bands. In these almost 20 years of existence of the band we have several materials released and we play with numerous bands, and with the main bands of the scene Hardcore / Punk of Brazil, like: RATS OF BASEMENT, CHOLERA, DRY EYE, DIRECT ACTION, SICKTERROR ... and plus a plethora of bands.


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2014 Canções para novelas globais (Last songs recorded) CD, DOWNLOAD
2005 Ímpeto DOWNLOAD
2003 Unidos pela Causa Underground CD
1999 C.P.D.M. (Campanha Para Destruição Musical) DEMO


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