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1998 IMMERSED IN BLOOD emerged from the remnants of the Swedish Death metal band Inverted in October. Joel Andersson (bass) and Johan Ohlsson (guitar) decided to continue to play together but in an even more brutal direction. Vocalist Stefan Lundberg (also ex- Inverted member) and drummer Jocke Unger decided to get IMMERSED IN BLOOD in December. 1999 The death-roll was completed when Robert Tyborn Axt (guitar) joined the band in February. IMMERSED IN BLOOD played their debut gig in March and only two months later, in May, they recorded their debut demo entitled “Eine Kleine Deathmusik”, featuring four tracks of brutal bloody Death Metal. This demo was released in August. In November and December IMMERSED IN BLOOD went to Germany and played some gigs after which they started to write new songs. 2000 Two new songs were recorded in May for a 3-way split CD called “Sweets For My Sweet Chapter 1” (split with Confessions Of Obscurity and Outcast). 2001 At the end of January 2001 the band entered Studiomega to record 5 new songs and a cover, “We Have Arrived” (a Dark Angel song for a tribute album, which will be released by ARCTIC MUSIC GROUP). These 5 songs were released as a MCD entitled “Relentless Retaliation” on DOWNFALL RECORDS in late September. The 3-way split CD was released by LOWLIFE RECORDS in late 2001 along with the “Eine Kleine Deathmusik” demo. In May IMMERSED IN BLOOD played at the “2 Heavy 4 You!” festival in Falkenberg where Enslaved, Root, Nifelheim, Hypnosia, Nominon, Destroyer 666 played as well. 2002 In January IMMERSED IN BLOOD signed a deal with ARCTIC MUSIC GROUP. IMMERSED IN BLOOD once again went to Germany in March and played with Impure (Ger), Resurrected and Jack Slater. In May IMMERSED IN BLOOD played their first tour (a mini tour) - and they did it in Finland with Embedded and Deepred. It was a very successful trip for each band with a very amazing live-performance at the “Westcoast Holocaust” Festival in Turku where Throneaeon (now Godhate), Satanic Slaughter and Mörk Gryning played as well. In June IMMERSED IN BLOOD played at the “Gothenburg Deathfest 2002” with Hour Of Penance, Convent, Iniquity, Impure (Ger), Deepred, Obscura (now Imperious) to name a few. In the middle of June the band entered Studiomega once again to record their debut full length album “Killing Season”. The band recorded 10 brutal blood songs. 8 new and 2 re-recorded demo-songs now even faster! 2003 The debut album “Killing Season” was released in March. In June 2003 IMMERSED IN BLOOD played a gig with Internal Suffering and Sanatorium and after this gig Jocke decided to leave the band because of personal reaons. In November IMMERSED IN BLOOD played with a help from Imperious drummer Chris as session drummer at “Gothenburg Deathfest 2003” with bands like Disavowed, Rotten Sound, Kataplexia, Fleshgore, Despondency to name a few. 2004 In June, Stefan (vocals) and Robert (guitar) was released from their duties due to lack of commitment and interest in the band. Two new members in joined the IMMERSED IN BLOOD in December, drummer Jonny Bogren and Christian Strömblad as second guitar player. 2005 More than a year passed and the bloody boys of IMMERSED IN BLOOD found themselves a vocalist in Aug. His name is Fredrik Johnsson. With the new line-up completed, IMMERSED IN BLOOD played a show with Vomitory and Anata in November. 2006 This year’s biggest event was the US tour, Annihilation of the Population. Together with Exculcerate, Eternal Ruin and Solidification we crushed the eastern US. From Illinois down to Texas. Later on this year Joel and Johan decided to part ways with the remaining band members. 2007 The band inked a deal with German underground label Obscure Domain Productions. 2008-2012 Not much have happened during these years. Joel and Johan both beacame dads and have talked a lot of how to move on with IMMERSED IN BLOOD. The will to kill is still there and the band is still alive. Although not very active at the moment. 2015 In March, Mac (drums), and Andy (vocals) joined the band. The band is concentrating on writing new songs. But remember…only DEATH is real!!!


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2003 Killing Season CD
2001 Relentless Retaliation CD, EP
2000 Sweets for My Sweet, Chapter 1 - Split CD CD
1999 Eine kleine Deathmusik DEMO


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