IKIVIRHE - 12_Lanka_palaa.mp3


Ikivirhe is a trio from Helsinki Finland, founded in 2013. We play old school hc-punk in the spirit of Terveet Kädet, Dead Kennedys and such. Besides hc-punk, we've got a good mix of grind, stoner and rocknroll elements in our songs. We tend to sing about life in the developments, getting wasted (and staying wasted), and bullshit politricks that's happening in Finland. We've played around Finland quite much, so it would be awesome to get our hc-train also outside our country! As a live band we're fiercely energetic, and not afraid to throw bicycle kicks


Datum vydání Název nahrávky Média
2018 Lanka Palaa DOWNLOAD, MC (TAPE)
2016 Sedät on vallannu maailman DEMO, DOWNLOAD
2016 Ryöväri DEMO, DOWNLOAD
2015 Arkadianmäen Nosferatu DEMO, DOWNLOAD
2014 Piimä CD, DOWNLOAD


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